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Consolidating school districts new jersey

No such schedule shall be operative unless approved by the State Records Committee which is hereby established in the State Department of Education and which shall consist of the State Treasurer, the Attorney-General, the State Auditor, the Director of the Division of Local Government in the Department of the Treasury, and the head of the Bureau of Archives and History in the Department of Education.

Effective July 1, 2012 and renewed on June 26, 2014, the records management, records storage, imaging and micrographic functions of the Division of Archives and Records Management have been transferred to the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services in the Department of the Treasury.

The New Jersey State Archives will remain in the Department of State. Codey Orders and directs the Division of Archives and Records Management (DARM), in coordination with the State Records Committee (SRC), shall undertake and direct a global review of State agency records retention schedules, practices and procedures in partnership with all agencies in the Executive Branch of State government. 15:3-3.4(a)2 and 6.4(b) and (c)) This practice establishes recommended procedures for inspection of silver halide gelatin microfilm in long-term storage for indication of deterioration of the film due to poor processing, inadequate environmental conditions, chemical contamination, or other hazards in order to insure long-term preservation of microimages.

The public record office shall have general and exclusive supervision, care, custody and control of all public records, books, pamphlets, documents, manuscripts, archives, maps and papers of any public office, body, board, institution or society which has or may become extinct, unless the care, custody and control of the same is otherwise provided for by law.

The original shall be cared for and preserved, as if no copy had been made, for such examination as may be directed by an order of court in any action or proceeding in which the accuracy of the copy is questioned. 15:3-3.4(a)2) This practice established recommended procedures for inspection and quality control for duplicate microforms of microfilmed documents and computer-output microfilm (COM).

The officers of any state department, or of any county or municipality, or of any institution or society created under any law of this state, may transfer to the public record office public records or other records, books, papers, documents, archives, maps or plans which are not in general use, and the record office shall receive the same when so transferred and shall provide for the custody and preservation thereof.

But they said they believe committee studying response times by Hamilton fire districts is not yet done.

"Once the response committees work has been completed, and presented to council, we will have a good understanding of where we stand with consolidation," they said.

The bureau may from time to time establish specific classifications and categories for various types of the said "public records" and, in giving its consent as provided herein, may do so in a general and continuing manner according to the said classifications and categories. 15:3-3.4(a)1 and 6.4(b) and (c)) These documents provide standards for procedures and environmental conditions for the storage of film-based imaging media, including, but not limited to, black and white silver halide gelatin microfilm, photographic plates, slides, and black and white photographic paper.