Start Dating fender bullet guitars by headstock

Dating fender bullet guitars by headstock

As we mentioned earlier, Strat players may miss the extra tone control but the 3 way pickup switch offers enough versatility for most.

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The pickups are single coil – with the positioning again similar to the Telecasater placement (i.e. Rumour has it that the pickups were taken from the Fender Mustang line – and these add a nice difference to the sound.

The Bullet deluxe produces a nice trebley tone with plenty of warmth.

The necks were identical to the Fender Telecaster necks of the period and the headstock came equipped with Kluson tuners.

The guitar was originally aimed at the beginners market and as such the neck is quite comfortable (you can imagine it being targeted at smaller hands) – the Fretwork is nice and above all the instrument is quite playable and sturdy.

20 odd years on the pickups produce a nice warm vintage tone without a huge degree of noise (although you may want to give the electrics and connectors the once over to ensure everythings as tight as it should be.) While there’s nothing new here, there is enough of a difference from today’s Fender’s to give the Bullet a unique voice – this is something to dwell on if your looking for a different sound and is a good selling point of any vintage instrument.