Start Hookup dating sites in vancouver wa

Hookup dating sites in vancouver wa

Online dating brings singles together who may never otherwise meet.

The median age of marriage for women is now 26 compared with 20 in 1950, according to the Census Bureau. The drawback of that trend is when people are ready to marry, they have already passed up the best opportunities to find someone.

“After high school and college, people are out of an easy pool of eligible people,” Schwartz said.

“That makes dating more difficult than going out with the girl you grew up with or the girl you met at a sorority mixer.” Women may have a more difficult time finding a mate later in life than men.

In youth, women have the advantage in the dating game. The odds of love Between age 20 and 39, Clark County’s single men outnumber single women 29,202 to 26,297.

By the time the single population reaches 60, there are roughly twice as many single women as men due to women’s longer life expectancy.

The choices are further depleted by men’s tendency to prefer younger women, Wilkinson said.

“The problem with dating at this age is everyone has baggage, including myself,” Tuttle said.