Start Invalid register operand when updating

Invalid register operand when updating

The name "LLVM" was once an acronym, but is now just a brand for the umbrella project.

String when attempting to run BBj Enterprise Manager00903: file must pre-exist for connectivity under some UNIX operating systems00255: BBx PROGRESSION/4 is not supported under Windows NT00344: BBx/4 WAIT function hangs with SCO File Size Limitations in BBX400202: Installing shared memory and semaphores00118: Not VCPI or DPMI compatible00613: file for PROGRESSION/4 rev 2.400617: file for PROGRESSION/4 rev 2.4200033: Upgrading from PROGRESSION/3 to PROGRESSION/4 changed function keys behavior00141: Error 0 under Novell with the following TCB(10) values: -33, 255, 30212, or 3020900242: Error 0, TCB(10)=-13, on PROGRESSION/4 Windows when attempting to OPEN a file00142: Error 0, TCB(10)=-33, READing a direct file with Windows for Novell PROGRESSION/400304: Error 200 attempting to create a Data Dictionary with a 16-bit DOS BBx00541: Error 60, TCB(10)=-2, opening a printer under Novell with BBx 400899: 'Access is Denied' message from Windows when trying to start BLM or BBj00806: 'Invalid or corrupt license file' error message when installing a Basis License01014: BASIS Automatic License Installation Program00970: BASIS License Manager (BLM) Vendor daemon died with status 2801162: BLM issue with new BBj Itanium port01000: BLM script incorrect00954: BLM will not Start on Sun Solaris, FLEXlm error -1601207: Can the BASIS License Manager run in a virtual environment?

00892: Configuring the BLM to go through a TCP/IP firewall00950: Configuring the BLM to work with another software vendor FLEXlm License daemon00936: Creating a file for the BASIS License Manager00959: Error 1067 Process Terminated Unexpectedly when starting the BLM under Win200000941: FLEXlm -14 when printing to a spooler01082: FLEXlm -9 Invalid host00744: FLEXlm corrections to ensure the BLM autostart script works under SCO, AIX and Linux00776: FLEXlm error -15,1200883: FLEXlm error -25 when starting or in BLM logfile00817: FLEXlm Error -34, Clock Difference too large between Client and Server00908: FLEXlm error -57 under Windows00888: FLEXlm error -97 under Unix01003: FLEXlm Error = UNSATISFIED LINK 00753: FLEXlm Error 1,359 when invoking Pro500736: FLEXlm Nag Mode and Background Processes00900: FLEXlm node locks to Dial- Up Adapter when no NIC card present00769: FLEXlm Node Locks to the Boot Drive only00755: FLEXlm: License cannot be found / How to manually Brand the Pro5 Executable00757: Globetrotter Bug with Flex LM Applet under Windows 95/9800972: Helpful background information about FLEXlm license files 00824: Hostname has changed on a UNIX system running the Basis License Manager00805: How the BLM determines whether to check out a second license.01229: How to Disable IPv6 on Linux00777: How to shut down the BLM without using the Install script under UNIX00823: How to turn off logging for the Basis License Manager in Windows platforms00881: How to turn off logging for the BASIS License Manager under Novell00966: How to use the same Basis License Manager for BBj and Pro501225: Managing a BLM on a Laptop or Mobile Device Where Networks Often Change00789: Novell BLM install Fails - out of disk space error00793: Novell Clients get FLEXlm errors -15 or -96 trying to run VPRO/500834: Options available under LMUTIL program01072: Protocol Not Supported error message starting BLM under Novell01037: Red Hat Linux 9 and BLM 8.401061: Speed considerations when searching for FLEXlm license files00964: TCP/IP Hostname Resolution and the BASIS License Manager (BLM)00956: Troubleshooting FLEXlm error -12 on TCP/IP networks00923: Reasons for a FLEXlm error -1600750: FLEXlm error -17 "Cannot write data to License server"00880: FLEXlm Error -18: Possible causes and resolutions00818: Tips to ensure manual license file installation is correct01049: FLEXlm error -21 or FLEXlm error -83 License File does not support this version00807: Process to determine if someone is on SCO HOST EDITION00870: Kernel Parameters that will help with FLEXlm error -9700234: FLEXlm error -1,359:2 returned from status (Flex LM -15 connecting to P5 DS)00795: Possible Reasons for FLEXlm error -500992: FLEXlm error - 600742: FLEXlm Error -96 and How to Resolve00544: Command to get processor type under AIX00714: Motorola (88K) Y2K Update Automatically Shipped in June 199800790: Naming Conventions for Hosts that use TCP/IP 00611: Unix script to link lower case files to upper case files00689: _is causing an extranous form feed00023: Advanced examples for loading function keys00044: Advantage article describing file locking in BBx00572: Advantage article regarding the chklck script00060: Alias line for printing to a file00068: Alias to print to a file and printer simultaneously00043: An introduction to advisory locking00233: BBx chooses the incorrect alias line from the file00132: BBx compatibility with a non-Microsoft multi-user operating system00001: BBx programs demonstrating how to communicate with a modem00120: BBx register dumps on invocation00271: C program that demonstrates bbx style lock method00045: Calculating memory usage for BBx01114: Cannot create 64-bit file on AIX enhanced journalled filesytem (64-bit)00039: Character limit for the MODE string on an alias line00666: Clarification of the documentation re: the command PRINT 'RGB'(hex_value)00622: Color Xterm termcap entry for PRO/5 under Unix00009: Comparison between MKEYED and DIRECT files00080: Conversion: BASIC 4 2000 3000 4000 data files00104: Conversion: Converting From Other BASICs to BBx under Unix00095: Conversion: LISTING.

From its beginning in December 2000, LLVM was designed as a set of reusable libraries with well-defined interfaces [LA04].