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This Act was a kind of a “mini codification”, because all the parts of the family law - marital law, parental rights, adoption and guardianship, which hitherto have been regulated in separate laws, were united in one legal text.

Special police forces and trucks loaded with drinking water were heading for the most affected areas, and there some electricity outages, the Reuters reporter said.

In the end, the authors believe that the Civil Code of the Republic of Macedonia should provide a special protection of the family home, which will ensure that children will have the opportunity to continue to live in the home after their parents’ divorce.

Civil Code; Marital agreement; Exercise of parental rights In Republic of Macedonia there is an ongoing process of serious reforms in the legal system, which includes the codification of the civil law.

In addition, there are other, more important reasons why family law should be an integral part of civil codification.

The main aim of codification is to cover a wide field of law and to be the most important source of law in a particular area.

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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Civil & Legal Sciences In this text the authors provide an overview of the major reforms in the Macedonian family Law that should be implemented in the Civil Code of the Republic of Macedonia.

Codification must not have gaps and its introduction should reduce the number of sources of law.