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Married dating in burtrum minnesota

As the fall comes to a close that brings us to our last but not least Fun Reliable Club with the best Dance floor in Minnesota Mr.

As you know we also do the Worship in the park at Rec Park with Pastor Barb Peterson and we have been doing that one about 17 or 18 years and that is open to the public.

Alan does it alone a majority of the time of but every so often we throw the band in there just to mix it up.

He is Team player and loves to play classic country music like the rest of this band. I am still waiting to hear on the American Jane’s Senior Dance , what I do know is that has been Sold and is now a Mexican Place and the seniors are trying to find a new dance spot so DO not go there on June 22, 2016 but stay in touch with me so I can let you know the SCOOP!

We have been lucky to start our summer out being busy so far and doing some new things for the first time, being asked back to those venues before the gig is over.

We have now done that show four years with the next one being five for the 2017 year.

Then before being packed up or even off stage to be asked back to the The Belle Prairie Heritage Festival what an HONOR!

The festival coordinators checked in on us every so often to make sure we did not need anything. To the crowd for standing by us and always cheering us on making sure that we know we are loved by all of you!

With out you we would not have the return call backs to any of the things we have played or will play so give yourself a pat on the back from us that truly says thank you and we love each and everyone of you for all of your support!

And for those of you who did not come out you might want to do it next year as there is really something for everyone and a nice big dance floor and plenty of dance wax!

Even some of you form the Metro area I promise you will enjoy it! Cloud home Show, we are proud of that, as so many of our fans showed up again this year to give the support to Alan Godage and Sundown.

We have another gig that was a first last year which was a great time a nice looking back ground for the stage was an actual barn with a cute porch with real horses making sure we knew they were there.