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I did a little digging with our friends from Flexispy.

But the scarier stuff is what your phone can do when you aren’t even using it. Simple surveillance You don’t have to plant a CIA-style bug to conduct surveillance any more.

A service called World Tracker lets you use data from cell phone towers and GPS systems to pinpoint anyone’s exact whereabouts, any time — as long as they’ve got their phone on them.

The new generation Long gone are the days of simple wiretapping, when the worst your phone could do was let someone listen in to your conversations.

The new generation of cell phone spying tools provides a lot more power. All it takes is a two-minute software install and someone can record your calls and monitor your text messages.

This device can even recover contacts and a good number or previously dialed numbers.

Legal loopholes You might be asking how this could possibly be legal.

Getting caught could cost you several years behind bars, among other serious penalties.