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Sadie hawkins dating online

Paul Reiser, 61, Dacre Montgomery, 22, and Sadie Sink, 15, will join the ensemble cast as Dr Owens, Billy and Max.

But the biggest cheers were reserved for actress Shannon Purser, who played Barb on season one and who disguised herself as a fan so she could ask a question during the cast panel at the convention.

Fans went wild when she got up to the microphone in the auditorium and asked: 'Will Barb make it into season two?

Young actress Millie Bobby Brown turned heads at the MTV Video Music Awards after party when she changed from her dazzling frock into a stunning two-piece outfit.

The 13-year-old Stranger Things starlet wore a high-neck metallic frock with sequined sleeves at the Republic Records And Cadillac VMA bash.

Fans got another glimpse at how much Jane 'Eleven' Ives has grown in new promos for the highly-anticipated second season of Stranger Things that dropped Saturday.

Millie famously shaved her waist-length tresses to more authentically portray the psychokinetic scene stealer (based on E. But it's unclear how Brown's Eggo Waffle-loving Eleven will return to Hawkins after vanishing into ash with the Demogorgon monster in the finale.

The trailer shows that Will Byers may not be out of the woods yet after spending time in the Upside Down, and his troubles continue as he acclimates to life back home.