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Scooterist dating site

Lawrence Brown of Cape Cod Massachusetts offered up a quick review of his Jonway Predator scooter. This is what happens when an otherwise normal, sane person has too much time on their hands AND spends part of the aforementioned time browsing this website. As promised in the Honda PCX review, we've added a windshield and topcase to the PCX and have been utilizing it to commute.

Just Gotta was launched in October of 2005 to share the fun of scootering and to offer cool scooter-related stuff (like apparel, coffee mugs, gifts and such).

Check the ABOUT US page to glimpse inside the twisted mind of Dave, the founder of this site (WARNING, common side effects include dementia, confusion and irrational silliness).

We'll update the commuting section as changes and additions are made.