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This may be a good time to explain the spelling of Husqvarna and Huskvarna.

from basic sewers to incredible embroidery machines.

They have an impressive Museum open to the public in Huskvarna, Sweden.

Husqvarna were one of the pioneers in self-oiling, low maintenance machines.

The magnificent Freja model was based on the mighty Singer 12k transverse shuttle model of 1865 but with a more Scandinavian high-arm square look.

Early Husqvarna sewing machines are incredibly rare today: Hello Alex I've just read your blog about Husqvarna Viking sewing machines and thought you might like to know that there was another "Viking" sewing machine sold through the Eaton's department store chain in Canada for many years.

It was pure coincidence that they picked that name for their store-brand household appliances, which also included washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc.

Note the interesting tension calibration of the Husqvarna Triumf sewing machine. Husqvarna classed it as a 'professional model' though in truth it was a simple vibrating shuttle machine with a larger sewing area. The Husqvarna Class 12 CB model first came out in 1903.