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But we are starting to see bots that are programmed to respond differently based on how you talk to them them.

(Eric Risberg/Associated Press) "We're going to be interacting much more with artificial agents in the form of robots, in the form of bots, in the form of A. She's a researcher at MIT whose speciality is human-robot interaction.

It's becoming easier than ever to converse with a robot — with products and applications like Facebook Messenger, Apple's Siri, the Amazon Echo chatbot Alexa, and Google Now.

Tech companies are betting big on conversational bots as the next big thing. CBC Radio technology columnist Dan Misener says the way we treat them reveals a lot about who we are as humans.

In the short term, his goal is to offer brands and their audiences the best face-based bot experience.

Over the past year, I have observed startups, trends, and research that support Walsh’s vision — seeds of technology that could sprout, grow, and bloom into new face-based customer service experiences. Truth be told, I have seen Walsh’s demo before in a different context.

As Walsh’s talk continued, he showed us a video of an animated, healthcare bot interacting with his retired mother via tablet.

The bot’s avatar was Pixar-like, enthusiastic, and ready to help — human even in cartoon form, offering a fun experience to take in that made the audience visibly warm.

Walsh’s point was that face has the potential to be the user interface because — for human beings — it was the original interface.