Start Updating packages in bsd

Updating packages in bsd

For example, the following will update all installed ports except The portmaster utility also provides some other useful functions.

The force-config and no-confirm options can be used here as well, if desired.

Adding the -x option will direct portmaster to avoid building or updating ports that match a pattern.

portmaster will recognize that it’s a new port and install the port’s dependencies as usual: Sometimes it’s helpful to have portmaster figure out what needs to be updated and in what order, but not actually do it.

Adding the -n option directs portmaster to run through the configuration, but not actually update or install any ports There you have it.

Application X is said to be dependent on these other applications, which is why Y and Z are called dependencies of X. This will, among other things, prevent the dependencies of a package from being deleted before the package itself has been deleted.

In turn, Y may require other applications P and Q, and Z may require application R to function properly. This helps ensure that an application cannot be accidentally broken by a careless user.

If you installed your sets via the internet, the mirror you chose will be set automatically and no further configuration is required.

Otherwise, you can create it manually, or specify your preferred location by exporting the $ pkglocate mutool mupdf-1.11p1-js:textproc/mupdf,js:/usr/local/bin/mutool mupdf-1.11p1-js:textproc/mupdf,js:/usr/local/man/man1/mutool.1 mupdf-1.11p1:textproc/mupdf:/usr/local/bin/mutool mupdf-1.11p1:textproc/mupdf:/usr/local/man/man1/mutool.1 You will notice that certain packages are available in a few different varieties -- these are called flavors.

If configuration options have changed since the last time the port was updated, portmaster will likely prompt for input.

However, you can force the configuration dialogs for all ports by adding the force-config option to the command: If none of the port’s dependencies require updating, portmaster will simply download the necessary source files and perform the update, otherwise you will be presented a list of ports that will be updated and asked to confirm before portmaster proceeds.

In minutes, a large number of packages can be fetched and installed, with everything put in the right place.